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It's not what you do, but why

I’ve noticed a shift in my life...

I’ve chosen to embrace what makes me unique - to take a risk on optimism, to genuinely connect with others, and to share my authentic voice.

Ultimately, I’ve bought into why I do it, not what I do.

And while it would be nice to pinpoint these lessons to specific moments or people, I believe they’ve been acquired from communities of practice. Something I'll dive into in a later post, for sure.

In the spirit of sharing, I would like to tell you about someone who has inspired me professionally and personally: Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Whether Sunny knows it or not, she is my mentor. She is a branding expert with a unique flair for social media. She’s not shy to discuss ‘a-ha’ moments or ultimate fails – because to her, those are all learning opportunities.

So why share her story with you? Because whatever you’re chasing, it’s important to lift others up around you. When we stop obsessing over other people’s bests, and start focusing on our own best, we find fulfillment in the journey.

In this special episode of The Sunny Show, she shares her 6 simple truths of 2016 and how to be your own boss. Many of these truths resonate with me, so I hope you find some value in it as well.





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