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3 easy garden tips to help save the bees

As you may know, the world’s bees and pollinators are in danger. While programs for urban beekeeping and hive hosting are becoming more popular, such as at Fairmont Royal York Toronto and Toronto Botanical Garden, these are just a few of the ways people are working to save the bees.

Another way to help is to purchase local raw honey whenever possible – letting beekeepers know their products are important to consumers.

With the warmer weather quickly approaching, we rounded up a few tips for you to help the bees get a strong start to the season.


1. Plant pollinator-friendly flowers and herbs in gardens and balcony containers that bloom each season. These varieties add colour and help the bees throughout spring, summer and fall.

Some of the plant varieties that bees love include:


Lavender, Hyacinth, Lilac, Crocus, Wisteria


Cosmos, Echinacea, Sunflowers, Oregano


Mint, Asters, Sedum, Goldenrod, Verbena


2. Don’t be afraid of weeds! Wildflowers, clover, and dandelion are actually great for bees and other pollinators. And some weeds can help create depth to your gardens!


3. Reduce or eliminate pesticide use – consider incorporating plants that attract beneficial insects for pest control as an awesome alternative! By incorporating additional plants, this can also fill in your garden while making your landscaping more attractive!





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